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Agfabric 7.5oz 13' Width Woven Geotextile

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  • This Geotextile provides weed control, effectively inhibits the growth of weeds or grass.
  • It allows water, air, and nutrients to pass through, keeping the soil healthy and fertile.
  • Widely used in weed barriers, irrigation projects, road paving, or construction projects. It performs well in infiltration, drainage, isolation, protection, and reinforcement.
  • Rugged, durable, tear-resistant, the material does not rupture over time.
  • Size:7.5oz, 13' wide. You can cut it according to your needs.

Size:Available in a variety of sizes


HGmart.com is committed to producing high-quality geotextiles. These geotextiles can be used to fix soil and prevent weed growth. It can be used in gardens or greenhouses.

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