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About Us

Our Brand

HGmart.com is a vibrant online retailer backed by our own factories. The first-hand materials enable us to promise you the best price and design. We established Hgmart.com with the goal to offer home decoration lifestyle products via online shopping, and we always put elegant products and competitive prices as our first priority.

A Wealth Of Selections

We provide more than 8000 items. From home essentials to home decorations, If you are going to design your new home or renovate it, you can rely on us with numerous choices and inspirations.

Competitive Price

Before starting Hgmart.com, we found there are various high-end home stores in the market, based on their superior quality, the price is relatively high, which generated our intention to sell something with reasonable price while not sacrificing quality. We know the budgets of our customers may vary, so based on the advantage of being a manufacturer, we are dedicated to producing premium and affordable home items for you.

Product Quality Guarantee

One of our principles is to ensure the quality of our products, it matters to all of our customers and our community, and we believe only the products with high quality can last long, we hope our brand would like a friend of yours, to accompany you and your families for a long time.

Exceptional Service

We believe our customers are the original force of our beginning and they are also making the today of us, we always get along with them like friends and neighbors. Our mission is to understand them better and continuously strive to satisfy different requirements and tastes.

At Hgmart.com, you can shop without any concern, we help with you any problems throughout your shopping, when you are browsing, we provide item comparing option for each product, just for your convenience and reference, you can compare items with our competitors by simply clicking “Similar to...” on item pages. We also provide a 90-Day guarantee service, for more information, please refer to Our Service. If you are unsatisfied with anything, please feel free to let us know, our professional customer service representatives will be flexible to provide custom solutions for you. We sincerely hope you can shop easier and happier here.