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Agfabric 6.5' Width High Quality Plastic 3D Geomat , Black

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  • 3D geomat helps to prevent the surface of the land from the erosion of the wind and rain before the turf grows.
  • The geomat can keep grass seeds evenly distributed on the slope surface.
  • The composite protective layer formed by the growth of plants can withstand the high water level and speed of water flow.
  • The mesh mat can absorb heat in a large amount, enhance the ground temperature, promote the germination of grass seeds, and prolong the growth period of plants.
  • It can replace the concrete, asphalt, and block, usd in the slope surface protection of roadway, railway, river-way, dyke, and the hillside, etc.

3D geomat erosion control mat is made of high polymer synthetic material, a kind of new 3D structural geosynthetics, which is applied in soil and water conservation. This material is very flexible. 90% of its space can fill with soil, sand and the roots of the plants that grow through balance. The growth of grass holds the gauze pad, turf, soil surface firmly together, because plant roots can extend 30-50cm below the ground, a solid layer of a green composite coating is then formed.

3D geomat can effectively solve the problem of rock slope and be used in high and steep slope surface protection. It’s extremely beneficial to the stability of the slope, and the protecting effect is very good. Not only does it significantly improve the overall and local stability of the slope, but also it is conducive to the growth of slope vegetation.

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