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Our Story

2005 Expanded business to Europe

2008 Purchased two e-commerce companies

2010 Enterprise merger among 3 ecommerce companies

2014 Optimized business system

2017 The launch of “” is an American based e-commerce company with our headquarters set up in Corona, California. The name“”is inspired from our vast variety of home and garden goods.

In 2005, the prevailing of Internet boosted US e-commerce undertaking, and struck a serious blow at traditional retail market. We were negatively affected by this change and struggled in domestic market. Under such circumstances, we expanded our business to European countries, Germany, France, Italy and Spanish for example, which turned out to be a great success. Our products opened the European market and allowed us to raise enough funds for the subsequent undertakings.

In 2008, our garden products such as garden stakes and hoops attain success in local retail market. Shortly after that, we purchased two e-commerce companies, namely, “Hovelop more products based on customer’s genuine requirements.

In 2010, we acquired an e-commerce company. After that, we worked with colleagues in “DCP Resources” to de Until now, our products have got certificates of OSHA, Energy Star, FCC, ETL,CE, and ANSI. Nevertheless, our business system has become increasingly mature.

Since 2014, we’ve been preparing for a shopping website providing products of “Home” and “Garden”.me Cal” and “Agfabric”. Since then, our product system related to garden and nursery is complete and we offer a wide array of products for use in horticulture, agriculture, floriculture, and arboriculture, shade cloth, shade panel, row cover, weed barrier, netting, stake, trellis, hoop, tunnel for example. We have become the trusted supplier of brands that can be easily found in the marketplace by our customers.

And in 2017, we launched “”, which offers customers our unique and systematic products as long as warm and considerate services. Our mission is to understand our customers more than our competitors do, and continuously strive to satisfy their requirements and catering different tastes while reducing costs. As we continue to grow, it is our goal to become more flexible in order to provide custom solutions for problems our customers might have in an evolving marketplace.