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Rewards Points Policy

How Do I Use My Rewards Points?

 Every 100 Points values $1. A certain amount of the order total can be deducted by using your points at checkout, and please note that points can not be used to deduct expenses on shipping, insurance or tax.


 You can also use points for select products or gifts.


How To Check My Rewards Points Balance and Details?

 First, log-in to your account, then click ‘ Rewards Points/My Rewards Points’.


When Will My Rewards Points Expire?

 Points expire by the end of the 180th day on which they were earned.


Why My Rewards Points Appear Negative?

 In case you cancel orders or refund products, rewards points earned by the corresponding purchase will be deducted, and if these points have been redeemed for items or gifts, negative points may exist.


What Can I Do If I Can Not Use My Points?

 If you can not use your rewards points when they are still within the validity period, please contact Customer Service via e-mail or live chat on our contact us page or by phone at (1-855-666-7156). We offer 24/7 customer service.


Can I Earn Rewards Points by Adding Tags to Items or Giving Reviews?

 We sincerely look forward to your reviews and tags to purchased items, rewards points will be credited to your account as long as your reviews or tags are under our reviews guidance rules.


About Shop with Points Restrictions at HGmart.

The amount of rewards points credited to your account for each purchase is based on your actual amount paid rather than the total original price.



Will the Rewards Points Policy at Change?

 Rights for modifying rewards points policy is reserved by, and we will keep our members informed of any changes by e-mail, of course.


About Membership Qualification

 US residents aged over 18 (including the US territorial residents) can apply. In addition, Rewards Points are for personal use only and cannot be used by commercial customers or purchasers buying resale items.


About Membership Privacy Policy

Please refer to our privacy policy at


More Information

The right for canceling the registration of invalid membership without informing is reserved by


In the event of any violence to membership policy, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your membership or your rewards points. Each account may not exceed one membership, in the condition that your membership or your behaviors as membership is unauthorized, abusive, fraudulent or illegal, shall reserve the right to suspend, cancel, or merge seemingly membership account. Should your membership be terminated, you may not be able to redeem any accumulated membership points.


Should you have any questions or are unsatisfied with your membership points at, please contact us via email or live chat or by calling 1-855-666-7156.