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Three-Dimensional Geotextile

Three-Dimensional Geotextile


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Three-Dimensional Geotextile

Quick Overview

  • GroundGrid is an innovative, three-dimensional and flexible grid made of HDPE
  • Perfect for reinforcement of soft soil foundation, slope protection, also used for highway, railway, airport, dock and especially suitable for mountains, deserts, swamps, etc.
  • HDPE material, with high strength and stability
  • Can be cut to size according to actual need
  • Color: Green

Sku: ECMEM215G

HGmart Three-dimensional geotextile

This geotextile-based structure is used to confine stones, gravel or soil to provide a stable surface for pedestrians and traffic roads. Made of HDPE material with high strength and stability.

It can be cut according to actual needs.

Anti-aging, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, structural stability, with a good lateral limiting solid soil effect, the construction is simple and quick. It can create a strong and stable surface.

And the small cell improves its overall strength. Perfect for driveways and other heavy-duty applications.

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