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Red and Silver Reflective Bird Repellent Tape

Red and Silver Reflective Bird Repellent Tape


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Red and Silver Reflective Bird Repellent Tape

In Stock


Quick Overview

  • Reflecting holographic tape helps prevent damaged cause by bird nesting, roosting or droppings.
  • Protect your vegetables, fruits, and flowers.
  • Brilliant diamond pattern reflects the sunlight for the brightest reflection possible.
  • Non-toxic iridescent tape is chemical-free and completely harmless to birds.
  • Tie around trees, railings, rooftops, and decks to deter pests.

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    SKU: BST1197N2RS


    No need to use harmful gels or fruit sprays that can leave a mess or residue. Keep your family, wildlife and property protected with this safe and eco-friendly, extra thick reflective tape! This inexpensive fix will reduce the number of corrosive bird droppings on your property and eliminate fire hazards as a result of birds nest prevention

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    1. Replace the tapings if they every fall loose.
    2. Ensure that you always properly disposed duct tapes remnants.
    3. Always keep the tape out of reach from children.