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Plastic Nursery Pots 100 PCS

Plastic Nursery Pots 100 PCS


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Plastic Nursery Pots 100 PCS

Quick Overview

  • Size:7.1-Inch W by 6.3-Inch H,100 pcs
  • Materials: Eco-friendly plastics, used for breeding, nursery and greenhouse cultivation.
  • Black plastic nursery pots with daytime endothermic, night insulation rooting, fertilizer effect, the dry season can be a long time to maintain moisture;
  • It is a good focus on cultivating and transplanting, significantly improve economic efficiency, widely used in flowers, vegetables, fruits and other agricultural cultivation.

Sku: PLGBW7H6100P

Plastic Nursery Pots 
1.Decreased risk of transplant shock, creates improved overall root structure.
2.Perfect way to display and support your favorite plants as they grow healthy.
3.Environmentally friendly materials and designs. 
4.Perfect for supporting vigorous growth of plants (like Vegetables, Herbs, Flowers etc.) 
5.Adds an interesting feature to your garden , room and your like place. 

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