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Natural Burlap Flower Pot Bag 11"x11" Flower Protection

Natural Burlap Flower Pot Bag 11"x11" Flower Protection


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Natural Burlap Flower Pot Bag 11"x11" Flower Protection

Quick Overview

  • Heavy Duty ---8.3Oz.

  • High quality Natural Burlap for Garden mat,soil erosion control.

  • Effective prevention of root wound,reducing the shock of transplant plants.

  • Flower Pot Dimension : 11'' Diameter 11'' Height.

  • Enviornmentally---sustainable and biodegradable,can be very easily repurposed for other projects,it is recycable.

Sku: BFPB1111

Timely exclusion of ground water keeps the ground clean. Rapid drainage of surface water together with the pebble layer and sand layer under the ground cloth can effectively inhibit the reverse osmosis of soil particles.

Laying structure of this woven fabric and the fabric itself ensures the air of the root has a certain degree of mobility. Great for the growth of plant roots, helps to prevent root from rot.

Prevent the extra growth of potted roots.The ground cloth can prevent the roots of plants from drilling into the ground which helps improve the quality of potted plants.

Woven fabric with one-way guidelines make the arrangements for plants in the greenhouse or outside pots.

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