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Fiberglass Drainage Square Grate, 4 ft x 12 ft, Grey

Fiberglass Drainage Square Grate, 4 ft x 12 ft, Grey


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Fiberglass Drainage Square Grate, 4 ft x 12 ft, Grey

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Quick Overview

  • Outdoor lawn drainage grate in grassed areas carry excess rainwater and significantly improve the health and appearance of a landscape. Also perfect for your downspout catch basin. Easy to cut as your requirement.

  • Build a fiberglass grate into porch and deck, no need to take your boots off outside, just scrape them off, and this drain water and snow away from the front door. Also designed to prevent slipping.

  • Made of heavy duty fiberglass, never rust and resistant to corrosion. Replacement for steel aluminium grate with more competitive price. The drain cover will last a lifetime. Take the load of standard motor vehicle. Not recommended for heavy vehicle or constant vehicle crossing.

  • Outdoor grates work for patio and driveway drainage, backyard fountain, tree grating, garden shed, windows well cover, swimming pool surrounds, the base for outdoor wooden planter, indoor water drainage system, and wastewater treatment plant grating.

  • Specifications: 1 inch height by 4 feet width by 12 feet length. Mesh size: 1.5 inch x 1.5 inch, thickness: 0.23 inch, grey.

SKU: MG1GN15100412


Construction Type:Molded surface.

Material:Fiberglass, which has super strong longitudinal strength and very durable with long service time.

Easy to cut and install. The Size can be cutted as your requirements.

Special Features: Antimicrobial Grit-Top, Slip Resistant, Fire Retardant, Light weight, Impact Resistance, Electrically and thermally non-conductive.


1.Water treatment-Check the aisle, Gutter cover, Large container, Cleaner, Trash rack, Water tank, Biochemical water treatment pool tool, Ventilation window, stairs. 
2.Chemical plant cooling tower console pavement-Stairs tread board, Operating platform, Fence, Double floor, Cover plate.
3.Gratings oil industry-Instead of metal grating, Wood platform and covered with cement, Bleaching vat, floor.
4.The valve and other power plants-Chemical water shop floor cover, Waste water pool and other metal surface treatment, Pickling place, Alternative wood floors around the machine, High corrosive containers around, Electroplating line walkway.
5.Double - layer ground marine food processing plant-Greasy surface and other harsh environments.
6.Ship on the transport industry-platform, Ship deck, Military mine clearance boat.
7.Corrosion resistant shelves, Decoration, square fountain, scaffolding, civil construction facilities, aquaculture fence and double floor.

1.Stay away from fire.
2. Pay attention to children playing.

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