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Dual-Sided Repellent Tape

Dual-Sided Repellent Tape


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Dual-Sided Repellent Tape

Quick Overview

  • Base on latest polyester film, the light reflectance of the flash surface is about 90%, which strongly stimulate birds' eyes, aiming to better drive away birds and pests with high reflectivity.
  •  Anti-UV, Waterproof, Anti-Aging, Flexible, Strentch-Resistant, Anti-Fading & Longer Life Span
  • Natural bird & pest repellent tools for farmland, garden, orchard & nursery, including apple orchard, pear orchard, cherry orchard, grape orchard and etc. Thus chemical harm is completely avoided.
  • DOUBLE SIDE - Allows to twist before using as to increase the reflecting rate as well as noises.
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    Sku: BRST2550YS

    TWIST the ribbons as the image shows for increaing its reflecting rate, which also create more noises to drive away birds and pests. 
    HANG between trees or brands. Keep 4-6in away from the crop, vegetables or fruit trees you'd like to protect from birds or pests. 
    SUPPORT is needed if the the middle of the ribbon bends down too much. Keep the ribbon parallel to the groud.

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