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10ft Width 50% Sunblock Shade Panel Grommets Black

10ft Width 50% Sunblock Shade Panel Grommets Black


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10ft Width 50% Sunblock Shade Panel Grommets Black

Quick Overview

  • Durability Material - UV stabilized High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), resists mold and mildew.

  • Save summer garden - Keeps vegetable garden and greenhouse cooler. Protects plants from direct sun while allowing water and air through.

  • Great light weight cover - Provides enough shade and temperature reduction for chicken coop, poultry, barns, kennel.

  • Easy to put up - Aluminum grommets with all four edges spaced each 1.5 ft. for tying down, come with ball bungee.

  • Index of the wind:holding up to 40 mph winds.


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SKU: SDP5010012B


Cover for greenhouse and grow tunnel
Sun Shades are commonly used in agricultural and home garden settings to protect plants from sun over-exposure. With 70% shade protection, shade cloth blocked much light for plants, flowers. And, shade cloth can let the air in and keep birds out.

Cover for garden pond and pool
Shade fabric allows rain and air to get through but is study enough to keep falling leaves and debris out of ponds, pools and gardens. Prevent fishes from jumping and protects fishes from cats, hawks and other predators.

According to our customers’ experience:
Pergola & patio covers are usually at least 60% with 80% Black knit being the most common choice 
Plants flowers shade cover use 40% up to 80% shade protection
Greenhouse, grow tunnel,aolariums, like the 50% White knit for moderate sun blockage with ambient light
Swimming Pool, above ground pool leaf covers use 70% or 80% to trap smaller leaf debris and cool water temperature 
Koi ponds tend to be as low as 40% or 60% allowing small debris to pass but warming water more 
Privacy screens with single layer 90% knit density are private from a distance and at angle 
Bird nettings use a 30% Black knit to provide heavy-duty protection for berries and fruit trees

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