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2.4Mil W6ft Plastic Greenhouse Covering Inactive Film Clear

2.4Mil W6ft Plastic Greenhouse Covering Inactive Film Clear


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2.4Mil W6ft Plastic Greenhouse Covering Inactive Film Clear

Quick Overview

  • A fundamentally dependable plastic covering that is convenient for construction or light gardening.
  • The plastic ground cover can promote growth, up to 12%, by preventing harmful organisms from destroying your crops.
  • Blocks direct sunlight and stunts the flourishment of weeds.
  • The plastic film is 4%-10% more effective at sustaining a temperature for the soil to contain moisture.
  • Ensures full strength and elongation for all types of landscaping projects.

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SKU: GHF24M06008


Approved by leading landscape architects and government agencies, HG Marts plastic covering is designed for professional use. The agricultural material is structured to protect and defend healthy soil for commercial landscape or personal projects by conserving soil moisture, increasing plant growth, and prevent unwanted weeds from germinating.

The barrier acts as a weed barrier by preventing direct sunlight from touching the soil, without drying or suffocating it. Weeds can harm and destroy the sprouting plants that you worked tediously hard to grow! With the help of the fabric barrier, you won't have to spend weekends on your knees removing annoying weeds that will prevent your plants from flourishing.

The high-quality PE material ensures air circulates to reach the roots of your soil and plants. Generally, the limitation of direct sunlight increases the temperature of the soil, at the same time conserving the moisture so the soil absorbs valuable nutrition and fertilization.

Simultaneously, the barrier prevents any type of physical disturbance such as harsh rainfalls, extreme winds, or winter frost.

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HG Mart greenhouse films offers three other advantages:

1. High-grade olefin raw materials for high transparency.

2. Coated with anti-fog spray to inhibit the production of fog.

3. Light transmission performance to promote photosynthesis.

Customer Questions and Answers:

Q: Is there an outside and inside to the plastic?

   A: No, both sides are the same.

Q: How do I cut the film?

A: Easy to cut with scissors, or any sharp tool, into whatever the size you need.

Q: What's the meaning of thickness Mil?

A: One thousandth of inch.