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0.55oz White Rectangle Plant Cover

0.55oz White Rectangle Plant Cover


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0.55oz White Rectangle Plant Cover

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Quick Overview

  • Breathable fabric that will cover citrus trees, patio trees, tomatoes, and shrubs from the winter frost or harsh weather like extreme winds or heavy rainfall.
  • Extra large jacket design for extremely high trees!
  • Fashioned with a wide opening, with a feature drawstring, to allow for a much easier and quicker process to cover plants
  • Composed of a cloth-like material made of high quality, UV stabilized spun polypropylene fabric.
  • Use the preservative cover to lengthen the gardening season by starting in the spring!

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HG Mart jackets are made of high quality, hand-spun, UV polypropylene fabric for all types of landscaping. The jackets are designed to protect a wide range of plants: fruit trees, shrubs, potted vase pots, hanging baskets, tender, and exotic plants, etc.

Give instant love and affection to your plants by protecting them from frost and other physical weather disorders. The jackets will prevent rainstorms, aggressive hail whirlwinds or winter snow from destroying your landscapes!

The fabric shelter also helps to promote seed germination by trapping the perfect amount of heat to boost plant growth germination. This allows you to plant in an earlier season than if you were using the direct seeding method by trapping the UV rays and collecting the humidity to retain moisture in the soil without baking it. So, you can extend harvest dates into early spring and late fall.

Plus, you can secure your trees and bushes from multiple pests like birds, stubborn insects, rabbits, deers, raccoon, and other animals.

Because of the thickness and pores of the cover, it allows the circulation of light, water, and air so that your plants do not get smothered.

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What kind of plant cover should I buy?

Plant cover is available in many widths, heights, and weights:

Light-weight have 85%-70% light transmittance, 26-28F. of frost protection, and can be left on many crops (e.g., bmelon, tomato, green pepper, pepper, watermelon, pumpkin, strawberry and flowers) from seeding to harvest. (0.55oz/0.95oz)

Medium-weight covers help speed up crop maturation and increase yield. They are useful for retaining heat over night and blunt frosty gusts of below-freezing winds. (1.2oz)

Heavy-weight material is usually used to extend the growing season in winter, allow 50%-20% light transmittance for frost protection and so on. (1.5-3.0 oz)

Does it cover for all plants?

It all depends on the type of plant. With potted plants, or an in-ground plant, that have many branches (Hibiscus, Lantana, Fern, Azalea, small Palm) which extend outward a foot or two, covering it will be a little trickier, and will need 2 people to do it.

How do I use the jacket?

Simply toss the cover over your plant, shimmy it down, and tighten the drawstring.

The rope makes it easier for your application. It's also reusable, you can take it down and fold it up for next using when you don't want it.


1. The real color of the item may be slightly different from the pictures shown on website caused by many factors such as brightness of your monitor and light brightness.

2. Please allow slight deviation for the measurement data.

Note:When using plant cover fabric, it's better to leave growing space for plants.During freezing temperatures, the part of tender plants that touch the fabric may be frostbitten.